Monday, September 30, 2013

Window Washers Denver

You know, the holidays will be upon us in no time at all. There are so many things we want to get done before the holiday brings friends and family calling. This would be a good time to schedule a little house cleaning that you never seem to get around to or is too difficult to do yourself. Call Breeze Window Cleaning, the window washers in Denver that loves to clean windows! There is nothing more satisfying than having sparkling gleaming windows that bring the outside in; after all, we live in Colorado!

Breeze Window Cleaning window washers in Denver, also cleans those hard to reach places that you put off all year long. How about the chandelier in the foyer that hangs much higher than you want to go up a ladder (if you even had one that tall). There are also the screens and window tracks that need cleaning besides the windows. Oh, and don’t even go there about the skylights….you remember the last time you tried to do that yourself (you are glad there is not a YouTube video out there on that one!)Don’t worry about that this year; let Breeze Window Cleaning take care of it. You will be proud of the way your home looks after the Denver window washers, Breeze Window Cleaning, are done with their job.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Denver Window Cleaning Company

Breeze Window Cleaning are the Denver window cleaning company professionals who can clean your windows quickly, professionally and completely. We like sparkling clean windows and we know you do too. We know that often times you don’t have the equipment to reach high windows and frankly, you don’t want to take the chance of getting hurt on high ladders. Let us take care of clean windows, so you can take care of the things you are good at. As a Denver window cleaning company, we have the expertise and equipment to clean windows, skylights, and solar panels safely. 

We don’t just clean windows in Denver; we also have power/pressure washing services to help take the grime of your garage floor or the siding on your house. We also are really good at cleaning up post-construction. This Denver window cleaning company is experienced with removing paint and glues from windows without damaging the glass. Leave this kind of cleaning to experts to prevent possible damage to your new construction.

Contact us to schedule a free estimate. We are waiting to hear from you. Remember we clean screens and window tracking; mirrors and chandeliers too.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Denver Window Washers

When looking for Denver window washers the first place to call should be Breeze Window Cleaning. Why? Because we are the window cleaning professionals serving Denver Boulder, and the Front Range who are fully insured, safety conscious, and focused on getting the job done right. We know how to clean windows without damage and we can safely remove dirt, grime, smog, paint and hard-water deposits that can damage glass. 

We are the Denver window washers who clean residentially and commercially. We clean inside and out, as well as: screens and window tracks; storm doors; mirrors; skylights; and chandeliers. We also have pressure/power washing services. We remove dirt, grime, smog, and pollen from home exteriors, patio furniture, walkways, garages, driveways, decks and roofs. 

As Denver window washers, Breeze Window Cleaning prides itself on arriving on time and finishing in a timely manner. We set the standard for quality and professionalism. We also offer frequency discounts to our customers because we value their patronage. What are you waiting for? Give us a call the next time you have a chandelier that needs cleaning or a garage floor that is dirty. We will be right there!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Window Cleaning Company Denver

There is nothing like clean window! Breeze Window Cleaning is a window cleaning company in Denver that is sure to give you a clear view out of you window quickly. 
We do residential and commercial window cleaning. We also offer power/pressure washing services too. Breeze Window Cleaning has been cleaning windows since 2000. We provide superior residential, commercial, and post- construction window cleaning with great customer service and clear results. 

We are fully insured for your protection. Our window cleaning technicians are trained for safety. You can be at ease when they come into your home because they respect that they are entering your “castle”. We want our clients to be comfortable with letting us have the privilege of coming into their homes. We believe in quality of our work as a window cleaning company is important and also qualities such as being on time and being quick make a difference in your life. 

Besides treating our customers with respect, our window cleaning company also believes that knowing how to do our job is important. We know how to remove dirt, grime, and construction grim without damaging the glass. We also know this is your home and we want you to be happy with how it looks when we are finished.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Window Cleaners Denver

Has it been a little cloudy looking out your windows when it is not cloudy outside? I think it is time to get the windows cleaned! Some people don’t enjoy cleaning windows, but we love too! Maybe, the windows are just too tall and out of reach to be able to clean them yourself or you just plain old don’t want to get the ladder out. 

Whatever the reason, Breeze Window Cleaning can get you a bright clear picture of our blue Colorado sky in no time at all. We are window cleaners serving Denver, Boulder and the Front Range who provide superior residential and commercial window cleaning. We also happily perform post-construction window cleaning.

We are not just window cleaners, we also clean hard to reach items like chandeliers, mirrors, skylights, and solar panels. Pressure or power washing of home exteriors, patio furniture, walkways, garages, driveways, decks and roofs is second nature to us as well. We really like to get your home and business sparkling clean so you can enjoy its beauty and have time doing other things that are important in your life.

Window cleaners for Denver maybe a dime a dozen but Breeze Window Cleaning has the distinction of being local company that you can feel confident with when welcoming us into your home We are fully insured for your protection. Give us a call.